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Trent Reznor (NIN) talking about filesharing, independence and other interesting stuff. This is a bit old but it’s worth a watch if you’re making music and want to better understand where the music industry is today. It opened my eyes when I watched it last night, though I’m not totally sure yet how TR’s vision applies to me specifically and what I’m doing.

Obviously I don’t have NIN’s huge fanbase to spread the word but I’m hoping that the global EDM scene and the #TranceFamily will realize that some of us ‘producers’ want to embrace these kind of changes. I’m looking into the Creative Commons side of things and working out which is the best route to go but I’m sure with the release of my artist album in early 2011 it will involve something similar to what TR is talking about…albeit ‘tweaked’ for the EDM scene. I’m being a little cryptic I know but things will become clearer in 2011.

What are your thoughts?


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